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We are constantly evolving and love to design new products. In this category you can see the latest we have created. Here you can also find new sets and combined product packages that we put together, both to make it easier for you and to offer a better package price.


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Drinking horn BerserkDrinking horn Berserk
Women's knife miniWomen's knife mini
Nordlys VikingWomen's knife mini
Sale price$15.00 USD
Jotun gift set, necklace and bracelet.Jotun gift set, necklace and bracelet.
Herb scissors / Beard scissorsHerb scissors / Beard scissors
Corkscrew, RamCorkscrew, Ram
Nordlys VikingCorkscrew, Ram
Sale price$27.00 USD
Notebook, Viking DragonNotebook, Viking Dragon
Decorated drinking horn, approx. 4-5 literDecorated drinking horn, approx. 4-5 liter
Notebook, Tree of LifeNotebook, Tree of Life
Corkscrew and bottle opener set, Elk´s headCorkscrew and bottle opener set, Elk´s head
1000 years of fun and games1000 years of fun and games
Notebook in 3 sizes.Notebook in 3 sizes.
Nordlys VikingNotebook in 3 sizes.
Sale priceFrom $36.00 USD
Notebook, the Snake WomanNotebook, the Snake Woman
Carved bone pendantCarved bone pendant
Nordlys VikingCarved bone pendant
Sale price$18.00 USD
Bestickset handsmide rostfrittCutlery set
Nordlys VikingCutlery set
Sale price$62.00 USD
Volva magic ringVolva magic ring
Nordlys VikingVolva magic ring
Sale price$12.00 USD
Firesteel pendantFiresteel pendant
Nordlys VikingFiresteel pendant
Sale price$15.00 USD
Necklace Skoll's toothNecklace Skoll's tooth
The great warriorThe great warrior
Nordlys VikingThe great warrior
Sale price$71.00 USD
Viking toy shield, blue/redViking toy shield, blue/red
Viking toy shield, blue/whiteViking toy shield, blue/white
Leather notebook with stone, mediumLeather notebook with stone, medium
Notebook, WolvesNotebook, Wolves
Nordlys VikingNotebook, Wolves
Sale price$43.00 USD
Läderinbunden anteckningsbok med vikingamönster och halvädelstenLeather notebook with stone, small
Leather book with stone, largeLeather book with stone, large
Small leather book with lockSmall leather book with lock
Spork, bränd kopp, smörkniv i hornAmazing-all you need spork-Spork- Nordlys viking-Nordlys viking
Nordlys VikingSpork in oxhorn
Sale price$21.00 USD
Coloring book, A5, Love RuneColoring book, A5, Love Rune
Corkscrew, Elk
Nordlys VikingCorkscrew, Elk
Sale price$27.00 USD
Angel bell, Vikingänglaklocka
Nordlys VikingAngel bell, Viking
Sale price$21.00 USD
Coloring book A4, VegvisirColoring book A4, Vegvisir
Coloring book, A6, Protection RuneColoring book, A6, Protection Rune
Freja gift setFreja gift set
Nordlys VikingFreja gift set
Sale price$62.00 USD
Whiskey glassWhiskyglas naturlig yta
Nordlys VikingWhiskey glass
Sale price$15.00 USD
Frigg_gavosetFrigg, gift set
Nordlys VikingFrigg, gift set
Sale price$89.00 USD
Bottle opener, ElkBottle opener, Elk
Nordlys VikingBottle opener, Elk
Sale price$27.00 USD
Vikings sword The Valleys of the KingsVikings sword The Valleys of the Kings
Gungnir Spear CandlestickGungnir Spear Candlestick
beardkitBeard care kit
Nordlys VikingBeard care kit
Sale priceFrom $23.00 USD
Viking toy shield, green/greenViking toy shield, green/green
Viking toy shield, red/whiteViking toy shield, red/white
The small warriorThe small warrior
Nordlys VikingThe small warrior
Sale price$40.00 USD
Vit och rosa enhörning i tovad ull
Nordlys VikingCute unicorn, pink
Sale price$23.00 USD
Thick chain silver-platedThick chain silver-plated
Thick bracelet in silver-plated brassThick bracelet in silver-plated brass
Large horn buttonLarge horn button
Nordlys VikingLarge horn button
Sale price$5.00 USD

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.


With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work to increase our social commitment and reduce our environmental impact never stops.