Our design series with complete pagan neck jewelry, where we combined different historical pendants with leather, bone and horn to create the Viking jewelry that fits a modern Viking. 


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Necklace Mammen axeNecklace Mammen axe
Nordlys VikingNecklace Mammen axe
Sale price$27.00 USD
Women's knife miniWomen's knife mini
Nordlys VikingWomen's knife mini
Sale price$14.00 USD
Carved bone pendantCarved bone pendant
Nordlys VikingCarved bone pendant
Sale price$18.00 USD
Necklace Wolf Cross BronzeNecklace Wolf Cross Bronze
Necklace OdinNecklace Odin
Nordlys VikingNecklace Odin
Sale price$36.00 USD
Runhalsband i benNordic rune pendant in bone
Jotun gift set, necklace and bracelet.Jotun gift set, necklace and bracelet.
Ask and Embla, Silver-platedAsk and Embla, Silver-plated
Firesteel pendantFiresteel pendant
Nordlys VikingFiresteel pendant
Sale price$14.00 USD
Thick chain silver-platedThick chain silver-plated
Gotlands prism, rock crystalGotlandshänge, Bergkristall
Necklace Skoll's toothNecklace Skoll's tooth
Angel bell, Vikingänglaklocka
Nordlys VikingAngel bell, Viking
Sale price$21.00 USD
Necklace FenrisNecklace Fenris
Nordlys VikingNecklace Fenris
Sale price$27.00 USD
Thor´s hammer with beaten pattern, bronzeThor´s hammer with beaten pattern, bronze
Loki, bronze pendantLoki, bronze pendant
Thor´s hammer Bornholm, bronzeTorshammare, nickelfritt, fynd Torshammare Bornholm, brons
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Thor's hammer Bredsätra, bronzeTorshammare Torshammare Bredsätra, brons
Angel bell, HeartÄnglaklocka
Nordlys VikingAngel bell, Heart
Sale price$18.00 USD
Torshammare, nickelfritt, fyndTorshammare Valhalla, bronsTorshammare, nickelfritt, fyndTorshammare Valhalla, brons
Thor´s hammer Mickels, bronze
Angel bell, Sun symbolÄnglaklocka
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Thor´s hammer Gotland, bronzeTorshammare Gotland
Halsband FrejaHalsband Freja
Nordlys VikingNecklace Freja
Sale price$18.00 USD
Angel bell, Tree of lifeÄnglaklocka, nickelfritt+mässing+silverplätterad mässing+ vikingsmycke
Necklace BalderNecklace Balder
Nordlys VikingNecklace Balder
Sale price$27.00 USD
Necklace Mjolnir BronzeHalsband Mjölner Brons
Ask och Embla.Ask och Embla mässinghänge
Val braided necklaceVal braided necklace
Necklace Mjolnir PewterNecklace Mjolnir Pewter
Triskele small pendantTriskele small pendant
Triskele  MässingTriskele in circle
Nordlys VikingTriskele in circle
Sale price$18.00 USD
Necklace RymrNecklace Rymr
Nordlys VikingNecklace Rymr
Sale price$27.00 USD
Astral Pendant - Month charmGrön Jade
Byzantine cross, bronzeByzantine cross, bronze
Halsband Mammen BronsHalsband Mammen Brons
Collar EnrideCollar Enride
Nordlys VikingCollar Enride
Sale price$27.00 USD
Save $5.00
Necklace Wolf Cross PewterNecklace Wolf Cross Pewter
Nordlys VikingNecklace Wolf Cross Pewter
Sale price$22.00 USD Regular price$27.00 USD
Livets träd, asken Yggdrasil omgiven av zodiaken med alla stjärnteckenLivets träd, asken Yggdrasil omgiven av zodiaken med alla stjärntecken
Livets träd, asken Yggdrasil omgiven av zodiaken med alla stjärnteckenLivets träd, asken Yggdrasil omgiven av zodiaken med alla stjärntecken
Eternity knot, silver-plated
Gotland prism, JadeGotland prism, Jade
Nordlys VikingGotland prism, Jade
Sale price$25.00 USD
 JaspisGotlandshänge, brun Jaspis
Gotland slope, TurquoiseGotland slope, Turquoise
Gotland prism, Strawberry AgateJordgubbsagat
Gotlandshänge, KarneolGotlandshänge, Karneol
Gotlandshänge, TigerögaGotland prism, Tiger's eye
Gotland prism, Lava stoneGotland prism, Lava stone
Gotlandshänge, Svart AgatGotland prism, Black Agate
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Torshammare Nordlys vikingNecklace Thor's Hammer
Nordlys VikingNecklace Thor's Hammer
Sale price$18.00 USD Regular price$27.00 USD

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.

Our design series of complete heathen necklaces

Our design series of complete pagan necklaces, where we have combined various historical pendants with leather, bone and horn to create Viking jewelry that suits everyone, then as now. As organic material such as leather, wood and horn are not preserved in the ground over time, we do not know much about what the Vikings' jewelery looked like. What you find is the metal, stone and glass that has been preserved. With these necklaces, we have therefore created a vision of how these pieces of jewelery might have been put together and worn.