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Drinking horn with forged stand, 350 mlDrinking horn with forged stand, 350 ml
Turned wooden boxask
Nordlys VikingTurned wooden box
Sale priceFrom $6.00 USD
Horn Light lanterns, 2 pcsHorn Light lanterns, 2 pcs
Horn stand forged. 3 sizes in 3 colorsHorn stand forged. 3 sizes in 3 colors
Brass bell, largeBrass bell, large
Nordlys VikingBrass bell, large
Sale price$7.00 USD
Blåshorn vikingatid Blåshorn , bild på munstycke
Nordlys VikingThe Gjallar warhorn
Sale price$82.00 USD
En vacker liten bjällra i mässing.En vacker liten bjällra i mässing.
dubbel ljusstakedubbel smidd ljusstake
Sold out
Five lobed vikingasvärdFive lobed vikingasvärd
Lofotr vikingasvärdLofotr Viking sword
Nordlys VikingLofotr Viking sword
Sale price$346.00 USD
Gungnir LjusstakeGugnir_smidesljusstake
Gutland Viking SwordGutland Viking Sword
Nordlys VikingGutland Viking Sword
Sale price$318.00 USD
The King's Hird Viking SwordThe King's Hird Viking Sword
Lavateinn CandlestickLavatein smides-ljustake_fot
Horn stand forged. 3 sizes in 3 colorsHorn stand forged. 3 sizes in 3 colors
Vikingahjälm gjermundbu 1.2mm med nitad brynjaVikingahjälm gjermundbu 1.2mm med nitad brynja
Viking Sword Valley of the KingsViking Sword Valley of the Kings
Wall mural Mother's axMammen decor axe wall hanging norse viking wood carved

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.