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Glas litet, poleratGlas litet, polerat
Glas litet, polerat
Sale price$12.47
Hornmugg polerad (ca 700ml)Hornmugg polerad (ca 700ml)
Hornmugg polerad (ca 700ml)
Sale price$82.10
Ölmugg ThorsmaskÖlmugg Thorsmask
Ölmugg Thorsmask
Sale price$67.59
Ölmugg VägvisirÖlmugg Vägvisir
Ölmugg Vägvisir
Sale price$67.59
Ölmugg Hugin och MuninÖlmugg Hugin och Munin
Ölmugg Hugin och Munin
Sale price$67.59
Ölmugg TorshammareÖlmugg Torshammare
Ölmugg Torshammare
Sale price$67.59
Hornglas naturlig finishHornglas naturlig finish
Hornglas naturlig finish
Sale priceFrom $24.08
Dryckeshorn med mässingsdekorDryckeshorn med mässingsdekor
Kaffemugg naturKaffemugg natur
Kaffemugg natur
Sale price$55.99
Hornmugg poleradHornmugg polerad
Hornmugg polerad
Sale price$57.92
Hornmugg naturHornmugg natur
Hornmugg natur
Sale price$57.92
Large coffee mug in hornLarge coffee mug in horn
Large coffee mug in horn
Sale price$57.92
Large drinking horn with wrought iron standLarge drinking horn with wrought iron stand
Small drinking horn with forged iron standSmall drinking horn with forged iron stand
Horn holder for the belt, mediumHorn holder for the belt, medium

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.