Sword ski black ice
Sword ski black ice
Sword ski black ice
Sword ski black ice
Sword ski black ice

Sword ski black ice

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A sword ski for your sword. Handmade in the same way as the Vikings made their skis 1000 years ago. The sword ski has a wooden core that is covered with black leather and decorated with inserts and black leather strap. The Viking warrior traditionally carried his sword in two belts, one across the chest and one around the waist. This is to distribute the weight of the sword, these ran through a jumper on the ski called a belt bridge. And just like on the originals, the belt bridge is made of wood.


Drinking Horns & Mugs

Here we have collected all our drinking horns with accessories as well as other cups and mugs in horns and other materials. The Vikings are known for their drinking traditions where the drinking horn is perhaps the most famous element.

Run necklace in legsRun necklace in legs
Run necklace in legs
Sale price$17.40
Snapshorn with leather strapSnapshorn with leather strap
Ash and Embla, pendantAsh and Embla, pendant
Ash and Embla, pendant
Sale price$15.46
Sleipner double candlestickSleipner double candlestick
Sleipner double candlestick
Sale price$38.79
Pendant with MoonstonePendant with Moonstone
Pendant with Moonstone
Sale price$27.12
The Gjallar warhornThe Gjallar warhorn
The Gjallar warhorn
Sale price$67.95

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