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Viking dice rectangular

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Viking dice made from ox bone. The dice is a copy of an original dice found in the Viking settlement of York England. It is dated to the 10th century.

This is a very interesting and special Viking dice, it has a rectangular shape with the numbers 2 and 4 on respective ends. We do not know what game this dice was used for. But it certinaly gets your imagination started. It is, as you can understand, quite hard to get the numbers 2 and 4. But we also do not know if this would have led to a positive or negative result. So maybe you did not want to get those two numbers anyway.

The Vikings played a lot of games, many of them seem to have been played with dices. Since there are so many found in excavations. In York only, a multiple of designs, sizes and shapes have been found.

It is approximately 10mm x 25mm.


Drinking Horns & Mugs

Here we have collected all our drinking horns with accessories as well as other cups and mugs in horns and other materials. The Vikings are known for their drinking traditions where the drinking horn is perhaps the most famous element.

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