Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code
Viking Dress Code

Viking Dress Code

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As the name suggests, the book is made as an encyclopedia full of facts and well-founded conclusions about the Vikings' fashion and costume choices. This gives the reader a unique insight into what the Vikings actually wore and what accessories and embellishments complemented their costumes. The book begins with a chronological and geographical review of the archaeological finds and images that form the basis for today's knowledge of the Vikings' clothing.

Then the author continues with a review of textiles, leather and other materials used by the Vikings as well as some about the tools and techniques used to decorate the costumes. Among other things, plant dyeing, needle binding, embroidery and tray weaving have their own sections. All simply explained and illustrated with photos and sketches that give the information a good depth.

The third part of the book goes through the Vikings' costumes divided by the regions Denmark, Sweden and Norway and presented chronologically. The suits are also divided by men's and women's suits. Here, the author systematically reviews the findings that exist and continuously explains about techniques, design and how fashion changes over time. The reader is offered an enormous wealth of detail as well as fantastic fashion sketches that in a picturesque way present what the costumes may have looked like. Here are sweets both for the very nerdy and for those who want inspiration for their Viking wedding.

Definitely a book we at Nordlys recommend all Viking enthusiasts to have on the bookshelf.




Drinking Horns & Mugs

Here we have collected all our drinking horns with accessories as well as other cups and mugs in horns and other materials. The Vikings are known for their drinking traditions where the drinking horn is perhaps the most famous element.

Drinking hornDrinking horn
Drinking horn
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Dryckeshorn med mässingsdekorDryckeshorn med mässingsdekor
Spoon in hornsSpoon in horns
Spoon in horns
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Kaffemugg naturKaffemugg natur
Kaffemugg natur
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Viking bone dice largeViking bone dice large
Viking bone dice large
Sale priceFrom $3.45
Snapshorn with leather strapSnapshorn with leather strap

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