Eir hand-woven wool blue / green
handvävd ulltyg, okergult, mönstervävd gåsöga
Eir hand-woven wool blue / green

Eir hand-woven wool blue / green

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100% wool



We are proud of our production of these fabulous fabrics. We use only first-class, pure wool, for the hand-spun thread which is then hand-woven to complete our unique fabrics in the Eir series. The fabrics are about 115 cm wide, which makes them easy to match the pattern. The weave types are diamond twill and goose-eyed, both weaves are found in finds from the Viking Age, but are considered to have been exclusive. The color choice for the fabrics represents colors that could have been dyed with plants. The colors we use are synthetic, this gives a very authentic color. Nevertheless, as the fabric is hand-woven with hand-spun thread, we only recommend hand or dry cleaning. All Eir fabrics are produced in collaboration with a women's organization in Northeast India and are made according to the principles of Fair Trade. The goal is to develop the countryside and to give the women who weave their own stable economy that provides for them. 


Drinking Horns & Mugs

Here we have collected all our drinking horns with accessories as well as other cups and mugs in horns and other materials. The Vikings are known for their drinking traditions where the drinking horn is perhaps the most famous element.

Hand carved horn mug, Allfather OdinHand carved horn mug, Allfather Odin
Necklace Wolf cross BronzeNecklace Wolf cross Bronze
Liten Kaffemugg i horn, 250 mlSmall coffee mug in horn, 250 ml
Drinking horn with forged stand, 350 mlDrinking horn with forged stand, 350 ml
Thor's hammer Bredsätra, bronzeTorshammare Torshammare Bredsätra, brons
Gutland Viking SwordGutland Viking Sword
Nordlys VikingGutland Viking Sword
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