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Wooden Viking Dane axeWooden Viking Dane axe
Wooden Viking Dane axe
Sale price$23.00 USD
Träsvärd krigareVikingkrigare_svard_traleksak
Träsvärd krigare
Sale price$18.00 USD
Träsvärd viking JarlTräsvärd viking Jarl
Träsvärd viking Jarl
Sale price$18.00 USD
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Viking helmet/winter mice in tovad woolViking helmet/winter mice in tovad wool
Toy helmet vikingToy helmet viking
Toy helmet viking
Sale price$23.00 USD
Toy helmet knight templarToy helmet knight templar
Toy helmet knight templar
Sale price$23.00 USD
Wooden dagger GrimWooden dagger Grim
Wooden dagger Grim
Sale price$14.00 USD
Trädolk Viking LångsaxWooden long sax
Wooden long sax
Sale price$12.00 USD
Wooden sword TwobeardVikingasabel eller lång sax. Eneggat träsvärd. En fin och handgjord leksak i enkel modell.
Wooden sword Twobeard
Sale price$14.00 USD
Toy helmet, knightToy helmet, knight
Toy helmet, knight
Sale price$23.00 USD

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.