Om bindrunor

About Bind runes

Bind runes are created by combining multiple runes to achieve a more powerful and complex symbol with a specific meaning or desired effect. Pictured: Old 'bind rune' from 17th century Icelandic 'black art book' - said to protect against jealousy and hatred of the outside world.
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Bind runes were/are a type of runic magic originating from the Old Norse and Germanic cultures. The runes themselves are the oldest written characters used by the Germans and Vikings, and they had a deep symbolic meaning for these societies. Bind runes were created by combining multiple runes to create a more powerful and complex symbol with a specific meaning or desired effect. To create a binding rune, one would usually select a number of runes that represented the desired qualities or intentions and then combine them in a way that created a coherent symbol. This symbol could be used to strengthen a wish, protect against danger, or even to cast spells. Bind runes were often used to create amulets or protective symbols that carried a specific power or meaning. These amulets could then be worn as jewelry or tattoos to give the wearer the desired power or protection. Bind runes could also be carved or painted on various objects, such as weapons or houses, to give them a specific power or to protect them from harm. There are many different combinations of binding runes, and each combination had its own unique meaning and purpose. Some binding runes were meant to give strength and courage, while others were used to protect against illness or misfortune. Other binding runes could be used to promote love, friendship or prosperity. Although binding runes have their roots in Old Norse and Germanic culture, they have continued to be a part of many neo-spiritual and esoteric traditions. Many people are still interested in runic magic and use binding runes as part of their spiritual practices or as symbols of personal strength and protection. In conclusion, binding runes are a fascinating part of Old Norse and Germanic culture, and they continue to be of interest to many people today because of their symbolic meaning and potential power.

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