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polycord brunpolycord brun
polycord brun
Sale price$6.67
Linen thread 1 mmLinen thread 1 mm
Linen thread 1 mm
Sale price$5.71
Linen thread 0.5 mmLinen thread 0.5 mm
Linen thread 0.5 mm
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Leather string natural, 3mm, 20mLeather string natural, 3mm, 20m
Leather string natural, 2mm, 5mLeather string natural, 2mm, 5m
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Leather string natural, 2mm, 20mäkta Läderband 2 mm natur lädertråd lädersnöre  wooden spool lether string real
Leather string natural, 1mm, 20m 20 meter
Leather string black, 3mm, 20mLeather string black, 3mm, 20m
Leather string black, 3mm, 5mLeather string black, 3mm, 5m
Leather string natural, 3mm, 5mLeather string natural, 3mm, 5m
Leather string natural, 1mm, 5mLeather string natural, 1mm, 5m
Leather string black, 2mm, 5m tjocklek 2 millimeter
Leather string black, 2mm, 20mLeather string black, 2mm, 20m
Leather string black, 1mm, 5mLeather string black, 1mm, 5m
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Leather string black, 1mm, 20mLeather string in black leather. One millimeter thick and 20 meters long. High quality string that is seamless and made from natural leather. Rolled onto a traditional wooden spool.

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With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.