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Thor´s hammer Bornholm, bronzeTorshammare, nickelfritt, fynd Torshammare Bornholm, brons
Torshammare, nickelfritt, fyndTorshammare Valhalla, bronsTorshammare, nickelfritt, fyndTorshammare Valhalla, brons
Thor´s hammer with beaten pattern, bronzeThor´s hammer with beaten pattern, bronze
Necklace BalderNecklace Balder
Necklace Mjolnir BronzeHalsband Mjölner Brons
Necklace Mjolnir PewterNecklace Mjolnir Pewter
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Torshammare Nordlys vikingNecklace Thor's Hammer
Nordlys VikingNecklace Thor's Hammer
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Thor's hammer Bredsätra, bronzeTorshammare Torshammare Bredsätra, brons
Thor´s hammer Mickels, bronze
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Thor´s hammer Gotland, bronzeTorshammare Gotland

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