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Leather string for jewelry, 80 cm, 2mmLeather string for jewelry, 80 cm, 2mm
Brass bell, 50mmBrass bell, 50mm
Chain, silver-plated 45 cmKedja, silverpläterad mässing nickelfritt
Leather strap black, 5 meters, 3 mm
 tjocklek 2 millimeterLeather cord black 5 meters, 2 mm
Jewelry lock cylindrical 3mm, Brass / SilverplatedJewelry lock cylindrical 3mm, Brass / Silverplated
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Svart lädertråd.Black leather thread.Svart lädertråd.Black leather thread
Chain, silver-plated 55 cmhalskedja
Natural leather strap, 5 meters, 1 mmNatural leather strap, 5 meters, 1 mm
nickelfri kedja Chain, silver-plated 75 cm
polycord brunpolycord brun
Nordlys Vikingpolycord brun
Sale price69 SEK
Natural leather strap 20 meters, 3 mmNatural leather strap 20 meters, 3 mm
Small beard beadSmall beard bead
Gold-colored bead FreyaGold-colored bead Freya
Leather cord black, 20 m, 1 mmLeather cord black, 20 m, 1 mm
Necklace clasp 5mmNecklace clasp 5mm
Nordlys VikingNecklace clasp 5mm
Sale priceFrom 49 SEK
Waxed black cotton thread. 1 mm thickness. 100 m
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 20 meterNatural leather cord, 20 m, 1 mm
Leather strap black, 20 meters, 3 mmLeather strap black, 20 meters, 3 mm
Leather cord black 20 m, 2 mmLeather cord black 20 m, 2 mm
Bead with twisted decorationBead with twisted decoration
Pärla med dödskallePärla med dödskalle
Necklace s-hook lock, decoratedNecklace s-hook lock, decorated
Necklace s-hook lockNecklace s-hook lock
End bead, silver colourEnd bead, silver colour
Package string 1 mmPackage string 1 mm
Linen thread 0.5 mmLinen thread 0.5 mm
Jewelry wireJewelry wire
Nordlys VikingJewelry wire
Sale price279 SEK
Small striped BeadSmall striped Bead
Gold-colored bead FriggGold-colored bead Frigg
Pearl spreader in Ben, Gotland, parPearl spreader in Ben, Gotland, par
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 tjocklek 2 millimeter. Upprullad på en traditionell träspole. Hög kvalitet och skarvfri. Tillverkad av vegetabiliskt garvat läder. En snygg och praktisk tråd.
Läderband natur 5 meter, 2 mm
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Natural leather strap 20 meters, 2 mmäkta Läderband 2 mm natur lädertråd lädersnöre  wooden spool lether string real
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Läderband natur, 5 meter, 3 mmLäderband natur, 5 meter, 3 mm

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.