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Live blåshornLive blåshorn
Live blåshorn
Sale price699 kr
Lofotr viking swordLofotr viking sword
Lofotr viking sword
Sale price2 799 kr
Five lobed Viking swordFive lobed Viking sword
Five lobed Viking sword
Sale price2 799 kr
Gutland vikingasvärdGutland vikingasvärd
Gutland vikingasvärd
Sale price2 499 kr
The King's Hird Viking SwordThe King's Hird Viking Sword
The King's Hird Viking Sword
Sale price2 499 kr
Sold out
Gungnir CandlestickGungnir Candlestick
Gungnir Candlestick
Sale price179 kr
Sleipner double candlestickSleipner double candlestick
Sleipner double candlestick
Sale price399 kr
Lavateinn Candlestick viking nordic tradition
Lavateinn Candlestick
Sale price549 kr
Beer mug BalderBeer mug Balder
Beer mug Balder
Sale price399 kr

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.