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For many years, we have received assignments from various museums, companies and private individuals to arrange various events, markets and fairs with a Viking theme. There have been museums that wanted to have a historic market during the culture night, companies that wanted to have Viking fighting at an event with foreign partners and much else big and small.

Today we arrange i.a. annually "Go Viking", a Viking age part of the Medieval Week on Gotland. This is done on behalf of Medieval Week and the area has won an award for its execution every year.

We have also created a tattoo fair for traditional, machine-free tattooing called Ink & Needle. It is currently being arranged in connection with the Medieval Week, but we plan to expand with a winter version in the Stockholm area.

If you want help arranging an event or need consulting help with events and historical tourism, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tone & Elias

En man ses frammifrån. hans ansikte ljusas upp i gult ljus och han ser ned. En annan man med blå plasthandskar tatuerar honom på höger skulder. Hans skulder badas i vitt ljus från tatuerarens pannlampa. Runt om dom är det mörkt.

Tattoo 5000 years of tradition in Europe

Ink & needle Scandinavian traditional tatoo convention

Painstakingly by hand, each dot is placed almost completely silently. The feeling of being close to history has never been stronger. The fire crackles a few meters away and you can almost hear the murmur of ancient warriors.

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