Runornas magi

The magic of the runes

Our ancestors communicated with signs, and the belief was to create magical powers
and signs became their language. Runes were created to convey events
but also for spells, diseases and divination.
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Magic runes and their meanings.

Our ancestors communicated with signs, and the belief was to create magical powers and signs became their language.

Runes were created to convey events
but also for spells, diseases, divination.

Divination in runes is an easy method to resort to
when you want quick answers, advice.

The runes are very suitable to use in questions
relating to material things and issues.

"Rune" means secret. They were used in the early Middle Ages and are still in use as a divination system.
In Norse mythology, they have strong associations with wisdom and health and their meaning has been transmitted orally.

There are several runic alphabets from different cultures, it is the older Futhark that is described here.
It contains 24 runes and one blank rune.
The runes had a function as written characters but also as symbols with special magical meaning.

Below you have the names and meanings of the runes, which were used in consultation and divination.




Wealth, fortune, quality of life, profit.



New life, positive change, good health, overcoming obstacles, courage.


Protection, good news, relationships.


Inner wisdom, receiving good advice, communication.


Dreams come true, change,
plan a trip, good luck, inner balance.


Inner glow, creative actions,
time for action.

Happy day, Appreciation,
luck is expected today.

Tears of joy, enjoyment, friendship, vitality, give a gift.

Lay low, no quick decisions, rest,
gather strength, recharge spiritual batteries.

Fate, source of power, dare to speak up, inner strength.


Lay low, no hasty decisions, look towards bright future


Hurt no one unnecessarily, swallow your words.


Enjoy your day, be happy, new takes. Unexpected gift.


Protection, right path, new start, future positive.

Patronage, something new is happening, be open!

Sun sign, good health, power, renewal, vitality.



Spiritual Warrior Rune.Integrity,Tyr.Courage, Struggle, Sacrifice, Balance, Concentration, Justice, Honesty, Motivation, Willpower, Truth, Victory. The Tyr rune was carved on weapons as a tulbringer. 



Rune of Mother Earth. Earthly feminine power, nurturing, motherly love, caring, humility, supporting others, growing development - spiritual and magical. It is a symbol of fertility and birth. The birch rune is also a relationship rune.



The rune of man. It stands for self-awareness, development, wisdom and self-knowledge. It symbolizes the development of one's innermost personality.

Mannaz is the rune of enlightened man. Social competence, the rune of the ancestors.



The rune for our strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Stop downplaying yourself to enhance the egos of others. It's your turn to shine.



The rune for instinct and the subconscious, time to listen and trust your gut feeling.
Lagaz is the rune for water and intuition and guidance.
The rune helps to find detours and float around stones in the road. It also sometimes forms excessive flexibility and softness. Inability to show firmness, even when needed. The rune is associated with unpredictable twists and turns of fate, with intuition guiding the mind in the right direction. Rune of intuitive perception of reality.



Self-time, leisurely, calm, quiet waiting, perseverance and patience while moving towards a goal.A dream.Visions and daydreams.



Implementation of plans, quick decisions, powerful rune, breakthrough in negotiation or plans.



Stands for cultivation and harvest, for family, home, kindred.

Security, experience, experiences, self-awareness, collective knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, possessions. The real value of things. Wealth can be counted on many levels.



Contains nothing as well as everything because it is filled with the power of fate. A leap into the unknown.

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