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The great warriorThe great warrior
Nordlys VikingThe great warrior
Sale price€77,95 EUR
Wooden sword Viking JarlWooden sword Viking Jarl
The small warriorThe small warrior
Nordlys VikingThe small warrior
Sale price€43,95 EUR
Big gray horseBig gray horse
Nordlys VikingBig gray horse
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Viking toy shield, green/greenViking toy shield, green/green
Confused mini sheepConfused mini sheep
Nordlys VikingConfused mini sheep
Sale price€12,95 EUR
Wooden sword warriorVikingkrigare_svard_traleksak
Nordlys VikingWooden sword warrior
Sale price€19,95 EUR
Viking toy shield, blue/whiteViking toy shield, blue/white
Vit och rosa enhörning i tovad ull
Nordlys VikingCute unicorn, pink
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Nordlys VikingWooden sword small
Sale price€17,95 EUR
Viking toy shield, red/whiteViking toy shield, red/white
Snapsglas i horn, snapshorn att hänga i bältet.Snapsglas i horn, snapshorn att hänga i bältet.
mungigaMouth harp hand forged
Nordlys VikingMouth harp hand forged
Sale priceFrom €24,95 EUR
Viking toy shield, blue/redViking toy shield, blue/red
Felt Unicorn, turquoiseTovad enhörning
trasvardTrädolk Viking Långsax
Nordlys Viking Viking wood saex
Sale price€14,95 EUR
Felt horse, pinkFelt horse, pink
Nordlys VikingFelt horse, pink
Sale price€19,95 EUR
Yxa trä, wooden axeTräyxa
Nordlys VikingDane axe, wood toy
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Tärning vikingtid
Nordlys VikingViking bone dice, small
Sale priceFrom €5,95 EUR
Felted horse, brownTovad häst
Nordlys VikingFelted horse, brown
Sale price€19,95 EUR
Viking era rectangular bone diceViking era rectangular bone dice
Large maroon HorseLarge maroon Horse
Nordlys VikingLarge maroon Horse
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Horn whistleHorn whistle
Nordlys VikingHorn whistle
Sale price€12,95 EUR
Felt unicorn, pinkFelt unicorn, pink
Nordlys VikingFelt unicorn, pink
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Wild bore, blackWild bore, black
Nordlys VikingWild bore, black
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Rosa gosedjursenhörning i tovad ullFelt unicorn, purple
Nordlys VikingFelt unicorn, purple
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Wild bore, grayWild bore, gray
Nordlys VikingWild bore, gray
Sale price€24,95 EUR
Viking helmet/winter cap in felted woolViking helmet/winter cap in felted wool
Stone pendant, Rose quartzRosenkvarts, månadssten
Stone pendant, Lapis lazuliLapis Lasuli
Rocky cliffs, TurquoiseRocky cliffs, Turquoise
Stone pendant, Rock crystalStone pendant, Rock crystal
Stone pendant, Tiger eyeStone pendant, Tiger eye
Stone pendant, Brown gold stoneStone pendant, Brown gold stone
Stone pendant, Green Zebra-JasperStone pendant, Green Zebra-Jasper
Stone pendant, Red JasperStone pendant, Red Jasper
Stone pendant, SeleniteStone pendant, Selenite
Felted mouse, 3 coloursFelted mouse, 3 colours

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