12 Månadsstenar visas upp på en bit trä

The moonstones

Learn about the meanings and characteristics of the monthly stones.


January- Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz is the stone of love. It stands for love, peace and harmony. It is said to give you joy in life and balances yin and yang. It is said to create empathy and help you forgive and heal what has been.. 

Månadssten januari Rosenkvarts









February About the profession:

Inspiration and listening, hear your inner self voice.

Strong protection.

Relieves insomnia.






Strengthens dreams in sleep and

the dreams of their own future..




 April - rock crystal

 Harmony and balance with the universe.





Gives courage and protects.

Balances and soothes.




June moonstone

Protective and strengthening.

It is considered to bring luck, prosperity and patience

and helps to let go of negative areas in life. 




July-red jade

Red jade stands for passion and vitality, and can, among other things, help us transform fear into action



August - Eye of the Tiger

Tiger's eye is said to give strength and better self-esteem.

Catalyzes power and brings clarity of mind.A good stone to carry in your bag or wear during exams, competitions, important meetings and performances.




September- Sodalit

Promotes friendship and solidarity.

A confidence booster. Cherish your true self and how you can reach your full potential.




 October- Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a balancing stone that dissolves tension and stress. It transforms negative thoughts into positive ones.




 November - Yellow Jade

Yellow jade is a stone for self-esteem and security in knowing and accepting yourself as you are. To honor one's own personality and be able to set boundaries around oneself. 

 Joy, friendship, loyalty, happiness and luck.



December-Green Jade

Good to have on a journey, spiritually

or physical life. Helps to

embrace the joy of existence