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Here you will find hand-woven fabrics, arts & crafts materials, leather string, wool thread and tools.


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Brick bands in cornersBrick bands in corners
Needle binding needle, woodNeedle binding needle, wood
Raw horn, approx. 100 mlRaw horn, approx. 100 ml
liten bjällra 3 cmBrass bell, small
Nordlys VikingBrass bell, small
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Needle-binding needle made of boneNeedle-binding needle made of bone
En vacker liten bjällra i mässing.En vacker liten bjällra i mässing.
Polycord blackPolycord black
Nordlys VikingPolycord black
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Needle binding needle made of hornNeedle binding needle made of horn
polycord brunpolycord brun
Nordlys Vikingpolycord brun
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vol1Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Vol. 1
vendelVendel and Dark Age Ornamental Design
Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Vol. 3Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Vol. 3
vol2Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design Vol. 2
bok viking kläder nordlysViking Dress Code
Nordlys VikingViking Dress Code
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Brother thread, 13 differentUlltråd för brodyr och sömnad. Varje rulle är 50 meter, ca 10g
Nordlys VikingBrother thread, 13 different
Sale price$60.00 USD Regular price$73.00 USD
vit ulltradNatural white embroidery thread 100% wool
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Black embroidery thread 100% woolBlack embroidery thread 100% wool
Red embroidery thread 100% woolRed embroidery thread 100% wool
Orange embroidery thread 100% woolUlltråd för brodyr och sömnad
Rosa brodyrtråd 100% ullRosa brodyrtråd 100% ull
Ljuslila brodyrtråd 100% ullLjuslila brodyrtråd 100% ull
Grön brodyrtråd 100% ullGrön brodyrtråd 100% ull
Brown embroidery thread 100% woolUlltråd för brodyr och sömnad. Färg: Svart Varje rulle är 50 meter lång, tvåtrådig och S-spunnen. Färgad med giftfri vattenbaserad färg. Spolen är tillverkad i trä.
Deep red embroidery thread 100% woolDeep red embroidery thread 100% wool
Golden yellow embroidery thread 100% woolGolden yellow embroidery thread 100% wool
Lila brodyrtråd 100% ullLila brodyrtråd 100% ull
Blue embroidery thread 100% woolBlue embroidery thread 100% wool
Turkish wool embroidery thread 100% woolTurkish wool embroidery thread 100% wool
Light green embroidery thread 100% woolLight green embroidery thread 100% wool
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Light blue embroidery thread 100% woolLight blue embroidery thread 100% wool
Package string 1 mmPackage string 1 mm
Linen thread 0.5 mmLinen thread 0.5 mm
Chain, silver-plated 45 cmKedja, silverpläterad mässing nickelfritt
Leather string for jewelry, 80 cm, 2mmLeather string for jewelry, 80 cm, 2mm
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Svart lädertråd.Black leather thread.Svart lädertråd.Black leather thread
Leather strap black, 5 meters, 3 mm
 tjocklek 2 millimeterLeather cord black 5 meters, 2 mm
Natural leather strap 20 meters, 3 mmNatural leather strap 20 meters, 3 mm
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 20 meterNatural leather cord, 20 m, 1 mm
Natural leather strap, 5 meters, 1 mmNatural leather strap, 5 meters, 1 mm
Jewelry lock cylindrical 3mm, Brass / SilverplatedJewelry lock cylindrical 3mm, Brass / Silverplated
Bead box with mix of green beadsextramaterial
orangea pärlorJewelry box with orange beads
Prickiga glaspärlor i olika färger.Material för smycketillverkn _ingår i lådan
Pearl box with Yellow pearlsTillbehor_Parllåda_extra-smyckesmaterial
Bead box with Blue beadsTillbehor_Parllåda_extra-smyckesmaterial
Pearl box with Red pearlsTillbehor_Parllåda_extra-smyckesmaterial
Hand-woven woolen fabric, white goose eye, fabricHand-woven woolen fabric, white goose eye, fabric
Hand-woven wool fabric, white twill, fabricHand-woven wool fabric, white twill, fabric
Necklace clasp 5mmNecklace clasp 5mm
Nordlys VikingNecklace clasp 5mm
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Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.