Gotlands prism, rock crystal
Gotlands prism, rock crystal
Gotlandshänge, Bergkristall
Gotlandshänge, Bergkristall
Gotlands prism, rock crystal
Gotlands prism, rock crystal

Gotlands prism, rock crystal

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Our Freja prism is an beautiful design, looking the same now as 1000 years ago. The inspiration for this jewelry is taken from several originals from the Viking Age of Gotland. The original edition is in silver with rock crystal and has been found in several sizes, our version is handmade in brass and is also available in a silver edition. All the stones are true half gemstones. The jewelery is of course nickel-free. 


Drinking Horns & Mugs

Here we have collected all our drinking horns with accessories as well as other cups and mugs in horns and other materials. The Vikings are known for their drinking traditions where the drinking horn is perhaps the most famous element.

Handsnidad hornmugg, Allfader OdenHandsnidad hornmugg, Allfader Oden
Handsnidad hornmugg, Allfader Oden
Sale priceFrom $313.00 USD
Little Freya, gift set.Little Freya, gift set.
Little Freya, gift set.
Sale price$28.00 USD
Djuptsnidaddryckeshorn_Urnesdrake _pyrografi
Deep carved horn, Urnes Dragon
Sale price$264.00 USD
Graverad HornmuggGraverad Hornmugg
Graverad Hornmugg
Sale price$54.00 USD
The King's Hird Viking SwordThe King's Hird Viking Sword
The King's Hird Viking Sword
Sale price$313.00 USD
Small coffee mug in horn, 250 mlSmall coffee mug in horn, 250 ml
Small coffee mug in horn, 250 ml
Sale price$52.00 USD

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