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Ljuslyktor, 2 stLjuslyktor, 2 st
Ljuslyktor, 2 st
Sale price$29.37
Ölmugg OdinÖlmugg Odin
Ölmugg Odin
Sale price$49.02
Lofotr viking swordLofotr viking sword
Lofotr viking sword
Sale price$274.97
Hand forged corkscrewvinöppnare handsmidd i järn rustik
Hand forged corkscrew
Sale price$14.64
Blackburnt Cup & CandleholderBlackburnt Cup & Candleholder
Bracelet with two beadsBracelet with two beads
Bracelet with two beads
Sale price$14.64
Glas litet, poleratGlas litet, polerat
Glas litet, polerat
Sale price$12.67
Örhänge med halvädelstenÖrhänge med halvädelsten
Örhänge med halvädelsten
Sale price$24.46
Star Semi-precious Stone braceletStar Semi-precious Stone bracelet
Wooden Viking Dane axeWooden Viking Dane axe
Wooden Viking Dane axe
Sale price$24.46
Round Semi-precious Stone braceletRound Semi-precious Stone bracelet
Square Semi-precious Stone braceletSquare Semi-precious Stone bracelet
Earring tree of lifeEarring tree of life
Earring tree of life
Sale price$17.58
Kaffemugg naturKaffemugg natur
Kaffemugg natur
Sale price$56.88
Large drinking horn with wrought iron standLarge drinking horn with wrought iron stand

Production and Materials

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.