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Frigg_gavosetFrigg, gåvoset
Nordlys VikingFrigg, gåvoset
Sale price$91.00 USD
Corkscrew and bottle opener set, Elk´s headCorkscrew and bottle opener set, Elk´s head
Freya's loveFreya's love
Nordlys VikingFreya's love
Sale price$64.00 USD
änglaklockaAngel bell
Nordlys VikingAngel bell
Sale price$19.00 USD
Spork Amazing-all you need spork-Spork- Nordlys viking-Nordlys vikingSpork, spork Amazing-all you need spork-Spork- Nordlys viking-Nordlys viking
Nordlys VikingSpork
Sale price$21.00 USD
Dragon ring in brassDragon ring in brass

Månadens runa , februari

Our beads

Historiska pärlor Nordlysviking

Nordlys Beads

Glass beads from the Scandinavian countries. All glass beads are historical replicas.

Here you will also find our beard beads in brass and silver-plated brass.

Arts & Crafts

With quality and sustainability in focus, we take the traditional with us into the future. For us, the work of increasing our social commitment and reducing our environmental impact never ends.

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Our Story

Nordlys Viking is a family-owned lifestyle brand.
We create Scandinavian design inspired by the Vikings' world-famous culture. Nordlys is a brand for people who are quality and environmentally conscious and who like a Nordic expression. We exist for you, the urban Viking.

En kal fjällsida där snö täcker vegetationen. Spridda vindmöller syns. måln täcker himmeln


Environment & Man


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